Description of Coriander Seed Oil

Steam distilled from the ripened and partially-dried fruits of the Coriandrum Sativum herb, Coriander Seed Oil is extensively used across the world, from Eastern Europe to South America. Renowned for its sweet and spicy qualities, this oil is commonly found in flavorings for candy, tobacco, pickles, meats, sauces, and many other seasonings. Most famously used in Pastrami, coriander oil becomes even more potent when blended with smoky and salty flavors. Its floral, somewhat balsamic notes also work extremely well alongside other jammy, herbal ingredients commonly found within male colognes. This ability to blend with floral and herbal components has made the oil a rising star in the world of niche perfumery, enhancing its influence far beyond popular flavorings.

Botanical Name

Coriandrum sativum

Aroma & Flavor of Coriander Seed Oil

Aroma contains a blend of sweet and spicy qualities, making it highly versatile among masculine fragrances. Flavor retains an herbal, almost salty flavor, which blends excellently with smoked meats.


Europe - Egypt

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