Description of Hop Oil

An essential oil steam-distilled from the popular Humulus lupulus plant, Hop Oil is a mainstay within America and Central Europe; particularly Germany and France. The oil has a distinct rich and spicy aroma, heavily reminiscent of the strong semi-sweet odor of freshly harvested hops. Commonly utilized within the flavor industry for beers, sauces, and tobacco flavors, Hop Oil has a variety of uses in products geared towards a more mature audience. In perfumery, the oil is primarily used for its warm and rich aroma, useful for masculine colognes, Oriental fragrances, and enhancing piquant base notes.

Botanical Name

Humulus lupulus

Aroma & Flavor of Hop Oil

Intensely rich and warm, with a distinctive spicy aroma. Flavor is heavy and semi-sweet, commonly used in alcoholic products for its rich, somewhat bitter tinge.




United States - Germany - France


Latest Market Info: Feb, 2021

Due to COVID-19 complications, many hops have yet to be harvested by farmers. The alleged antimicrobial functions of hop products has also created a huge increase in public demand for hop oil and terpenes, primarily those used within cosmetics, creams, and hair care items. As such, demand currently outweighs supply, which is likely to cause price increases for the material almost everywhere.

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