Originally cultivated throughout the Mediterranean for its various culinary uses, Hyssop Oil is steam-distilled from the wild-growing Hyssopus Officinalis herb. The oil is nearly colorless, though it retains an incredibly sharp and potent aroma, with a sweet and camphoraceous top note. As time goes on, hyssop oil’s odor becomes warmer and richer, with a tenacious mixture of sweet, spicy, and herbaceous undertones. This combination makes hyssop immensely popular among meat sauces, pickling brines, and other culinary seasonings. Outside of flavor work, hyssop oil is also used to add a rich, warm, and spicy body to sweet or herbaceous perfumes. This is most prevalent in aldehydic or oriental style fragrances, and hyssop blends exceptionally well with ingredients such as orange, lavender, and sage.