Description of Labdanum Gum Refined

Extracted from the crude resin of the Cistus Ladaniferus plant, Labdanum has been a crucial component of fragrance for thousands of years. Originally produced through combing the fur of goats and sheep that had grazed on cistus plants, labdanum’s humble origins have a long history within ancient medicine and incense. Since then, labdanum gum has expanded into a variety of useful products, one of the most common being Labdanum Gum Refined. This material has a sweet and pleasant aroma, with a rich, balsamic, and herbaceous top note. In fragrance, labdanum gum refined is often added as a fixative component, retaining a distinctively sweet and ambergris-like undertone.

Aroma & Flavor of Labdanum Gum Refined

Aroma is sweet, rich, and balsamic, with a distinctly herbaceous top note.

Botanical Name of Labdanum Gum Refined

Cistus labdaniferus

Appearance of Labdanum Gum Refined

Dark Brown Viscous Liquid To Semi Solid





EXTRACTION method of Labdanum Gum Refined


Synonyms of Labdanum Gum Refined


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