Description of Neroli Oil

Orange Blossom Oil, known as Neroli, named after a princess of Nerola in Italy who wore it as a perfume, is distilled from flowers of the Bitter Orange Tree, Citrus aurantium. Unlike many other steam distilled essential oils, the oil from the orange blossom flower, when properly distilled, has a very similar aroma to the untouched blooming flower.Neroli Oil is distilled from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, from which we also get petitgrain and bitter orange oil.  The aroma is fresh and floral with a strong citrus nuance. Neroli is a classic floral note that blends exceptionally well with other fine florals and citrus oils.  In flavors, it is an essential part of the cola profile and also finds use in herbal liqueurs.

Aroma & Flavor of Neroli Oil

Neroli Oil’s odor is very powerful, and intensely floral with sweet citrus notes making it an attractive top note in perfumery. Neroli is also used in flavors, most commonly in beverages but, also lends itself as a modifier for citrus profiles to enhance flavors for candies, alcoholic beverages, particularly in floral, fruity and green profiles.

Botanical Name of Neroli Oil

Citrus Aurantium L.







EXTRACTION method of Neroli Oil

Steam Distillation

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