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Latest Market Info: 5/10/23

The most recent Fundecitrus orange crop forecast for Brazil’s 2023/2024 season, published on May 10, 2023, estimates a production of 309.34 million boxes of oranges. This is not far from the previous crop season of 314.21 million boxes. The weight of oranges has improved this year, as well as the overall rains in the citrus belt. Fundecitrus estimates the crop will start sooner this year due to good conditions experienced during the flowering period.

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Description of Orange Oil Terpeneless

Often extracted from high quality wax-free orange oils, Orange Oil Terpeneless has a sweet and dry aroma that exemplifies orange’s refreshing top note. Though it is often referred to as “terpeneless” within the industry, the oil still contains certain terpenes, having been folded upwards of 15 times. Orange oil terpeneless provides a variety of useful functions, particularly within the flavor industry, where it has nearly 5x the strength of other standard orange oils. This makes the oil especially appealing to high-class beverages and candies, emulating the taste of fresh oranges with near-perfect accuracy.

Botanical Name of Orange Oil Terpeneless

Citrus sinensis (l.) osbeck

Appearance of Orange Oil Terpeneless

Pale Yellow Liquid





EXTRACTION method of Orange Oil Terpeneless

Terpene-Less Essential Oil

Refractive Index of Orange Oil Terpeneless

1.4400 - 1.5000 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Orange Oil Terpeneless

0.8570 - 0.9170 @ 25C

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