MARKET INFO of Orange Terpenes

Latest Market Info: Mar, 2023

Orange oil pricing remains largely unchanged in global markets. Mexico's orange crop was quite good this year, and new material should enter the essential oils market by the end of January. Current orange harvest is focused on the production of NFC juice.

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Description of Orange Terpenes

One of the most common and long-standing ingredients within the world of perfumery, Orange Terpenes are derived from the essential oils of Citrus x sinensis fruits. These terpenes are mainly used for the practical purposes of industrial cleaning, though their aroma is as fragrant as it is functional. By almost entirely removing the candy-like sweetness of orange oil's aldehydes, orange terpenes are free to work within a much more economical space, providing a light and citrusy odor to a variety of flavor or fragrance compositions. Similar to their unfractionated counterparts, orange oil terpenes come in a variety of types, providing formulators with an option for nearly every application.

Aroma & Flavor of Orange Terpenes

Aroma is light and refreshing, retaining the classic citrusy top note of sweet orange oil. However, unlike most orange oils, orange terpenes lack the sweet, candy-like top note emblematic of “pure” sweet orange.

Botanical Name of Orange Terpenes

Citrus aurantium

Appearance of Orange Terpenes

Colorless Liquid



EXTRACTION method of Orange Terpenes

Steam Distillation

Refractive Index of Orange Terpenes

1.4620 - 1.4820 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Orange Terpenes

0.8320 - 0.8520 @ 25C

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