Description of Vetiver Oil Indonesian

Steam distilled from the dried and washed roots of the Vetiveria Zizanoides grass, Vetiver Oil Indonesian is widely used across the fragrance industry for its tenacious sweet and woody odor. Especially popular in high-end perfumery, vetiver oil acts as one of the most prominent fixative ingredients within the industry, mixing well with all manner of woody, mossy, and floral base notes. Renowned for both its high quality odor and extreme versatility, this oil has become a mainstay in the perfume industry and remains one of the most widely used ingredients for fine fragrance.

Botanical Name

Vetiveria zizanoides

Aroma & Flavor of Vetiver Oil Indonesian

Tenaciously sweet and woody, with a versatile odor that easily compliments other floral and mossy ingredients.



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Vetiver Oil Indonesian

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