Description of Cedrenol

An aromatic crystalline material often used as a fixative in soaps and heavy perfumes, Cedrenol Natural provides a mild woody odor similar to cedar and sawdust. This rooty, richly amber-like substance is far more tenacious than its other Cedrene counterparts, though its odor is more akin to sawdust and amber resin rather than the typical sweet woodiness associated with similar oils.

Aroma & Flavor of Cedrenol

Woody and mild, less dry and more balsamic than other Cedrene aromatics. Rooty and amber-like, with a strong resemblance to cedarwood oils.

Appearance of Cedrenol

Pale Yellow Viscous Liquid/Semi Solid





Principle Constituents of Cedrenol


Refractive Index of Cedrenol

1.5020 - 1.5220 @ 20C

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