Hospitality soaps in a global hotel chain, shower gels and amenities gracing the elegant rooms of an international resort, a variety of eco-centric beauty products in the premium category at natural and organic food and body stores across the nation…

Every day, brands both large and small, mass and niche, well-known and emerging, bring their dreams and plans to Berjé for realization. Berjé creates conventional, natural, naturally derived, and organic fragrances to suit the needs of all types of business.


Fragrances ignite our emotions, invoke special memories, and awaken our senses.

Berjé’s team of perfumers and evaluators work with the world’s finest ingredients to create memorable fragrances for our clients.

Using fine fragrance molecules and natural ingredients, blended with insightful experience and keen marketing intelligence, our experienced team is able to create unique and highly successful fragrances that enable our clients to establish their unique brand signature.


Personal wellness, health, and the overall environment are increasingly important with consumers. Communicating these values in your products is becoming more essential. The performance and sensorial direction that Berjé fragrances and essential oil blends contribute to body care products is limitless.

Making sense of brands and understanding consumer trends is the foundation of our development teams. Berjé’s key to your market success is the ability to translate the signals of current emerging trends into their specific olfactive component ingredients which result in products which communicate value and evoke just the right market cues. This is an art the Berjé team has honed through decades of experience.

Our clients can depend on Berjé as a valued partner in developing their spa, hair care, soap, deodorant, bath, skin and other personal care products.


There is no place like home. From detergents, fabric softeners, to candles and air fresheners, to household cleaners, our development teams work with our perfumers to create fragrances that deliver important olfactive and functional benefits.

Home care is dynamic and new products abound. In this market of constant technological innovation, coupled with Berjé’s raw material expertise cost constraints and technical complexities are the order of the day. Berjé’s perfumers and raw material experts create robust fragrances that beautify and enhance a product’s performance.


Emerging products for skin that demands performance

Ever more frequently, we are asked to use our global palette of unique raw materials to create natural fragrances and essential oil blends for companies who produce performance-based products who do not wish to list “fragrance” on the ingredient label.

With new actives, delivery systems, and increased use of both natural minerals and scientific technology allowing ever more targeted benefits, consumers want high performing and healthy makeup that does good things for their skin. Whether your company produces natural and green cosmetics or focuses on the laboratory to solve your customer’s skin concerns, Berjé’s essential oil professionals can create the perfect blend for your products.


Berjé continues to demonstrate it’s technological expertise through the development and successful marketing of cost effective fragrance products for industrial applications. Examples can be found in paints, the masking of tar and asphalt, sewerage and other malodor systems.


Loyal friends become family.

The pet care market is a substantial industry. Currently 63% of American households own at least one pet, while 45% own more than one.* Not only do more people own pets, these pet “parents” are spending more on their “children” than ever before. Purchasing such luxuries as holiday and birthday gifts is common place while upgrading such necessities as pet food, leashes, bedding, and grooming products has become the norm.

Berjé already works with some of the largest and more ethical pet care brands to develop grooming products as pet shampoos and conditioners, environmental maintenance products, spot and stain removers, and odor treatment sprays, powders, and gels.

Our fragrances help cover up odors, spice up play time, and add a little serenity to sometimes wild bath times. Formulated to fit any application, Berjé’s fragrances make caring for your pet easy and pleasant.

*(APPMA- American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, Inc.)