Riding the zero waste lifestyle trend, edible spoons have been popping up almost everywhere, from ice cream shops to local diner soup bowls. Made from bread, crackers, waffle cones, chocolate, and countless other edible goodies, these unique cutlery choices provide a fun and easy snack while also minimizing the waste often associated with plastic spoons. Some restaurants even go a step further and throw in a bread bowl, giving consumers the ultimate edible experience in which they can eat the soup, the bowl, and the spoon all at once. These options have even expanded into straws, forks, and coffee stirrers, giving everyone a guilt-free alternative to traditional plastic cutlery. The most common medium for these edible tools is a combination of multigrain flour and binding agents such as salt and water, which can be further altered by any number of spices and flavorings. For producers looking to enter the edible cutlery market, the time has never been better, and the extreme amount of customization and versatility of these products ensures that anyone can come up with a tasty alternative to compliment almost any food.

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