Consolidation on the supply side of the flavor and fragrance industry has made privately held and family-owned businesses an anomaly, but Berjé happens to be one of those rare companies. With a passion for supplying the industry with the rarest of ingredients, always standing by their word, and the creation of a family environment, Berjé has been supplying fragrance, essential oils, aromatic chemicals, flavor, fragrance, and functional ingredients since 1949. Gillian Bleimann-Boucard is the third generation of our family business. Having joined the company in 2016, Gillian has taken the mantle of leadership.

Berjé embodies legacy founded through 70 years of harvested knowledge, integrity, and dependability.  This framework continues to drive the Berjé family with Gillian Bleimann-Boucard’s vision of growth through a heritage built on our solid reputation paired with sustainable business practices.

First generation

After World War 2, Julius “Les” and Alexander Bleimann, opened the doors of Berjé (named after their Hungarian mother, “Berge”) for the first time in the heavily industrial section of lower Manhattan area, what has now become the fashionable SoHo.  While Alexander worked in perfumery, Les set about developing many strategic alliances providing access to unique by-products and raw materials which were the foundation of the company’s early growth.

Second Generation

Kim Bleimann joined the company in 1973 at Berjé’s second location in Long Island City.  Kim’s vast industry knowledge came from sharing that single office with his father and uncle starting a path that would lead him to pioneer the availability of oils such as Australian Tea Tree Oil and Boronia Absolute from Tasmania in the United States.   Behind Kim’s leadership and passed-down knowledge, Berjé soon outgrew the facility in Bloomfield, New Jersey which was home for forty years into it’s current 235,000 sq. ft., certified to SQF FOOD SAFETY CODE FOR MANUFACTURING, EDITION 8.1 in Carteret, NJ. With a second Berjé Trakia location, which transformed Berjé from a mere distributor to a producer.

Third Generation

With the standards of her family legacy at the forefront, Gillian Bleimann-Boucard is poised to elevate Berjé with her forward-thinking goals focused on sustainable future growth.  Gillian’s early days in Berjé were spent building a unique education passed down from her father and the organization of industry leaders surrounding her. Her quest to learn paired with her ambitions to experience every aspect of the business drove her hands-on approach with years spent in the labs, compounding, and the production facility. Today, Gillian is a mother, a mentor, and a well respected leader within Berjé and the industry; roles that motivate her towards progress.  One of her early achievements with longevity in focus led Berjé to install a 4,090 solar panel system. At the same time she redefined the Berjé values of integrity, accountability, leadership, legacy, diversity and passion. Driven to maintain the network of decades-old, farm-level supplier partnerships, Gillian travels globally, seeking out new ways to aid, improve processes, and ensure a stable future for the growers, harvesters, and distillers of the common and rare essential oils.

The Bleimann family, the Berjé family, and the families of our farmers are united in our one ambition; sustainable business practices for the future.