About LemonEE™ KrispEE A Series of Citrusy Events

Not unlike the film that inspired its name, this snack has a few playful twists on a classic kid-friendly formula. Our tasty treats are made from Rice Krispies, marshmallows, and Berjé’s own LemonEE™. This blend of sweet and citrus notes works fantastically in confection products such as these, though the supreme versatility of LemonEE™ allows it to be used almost anywhere.


Ingredients available in:

Conventional Oils Conventional Oils WHC Botanicals Botanical Organic EO Organic EO


LemonEE™ is a natural aromatic blend that is wholly unique to Berjé. The material is intensely juicy and mouthwatering, imparting a fresh and citrusy flavor that can act as a natural substitution for lemon oil. LemonEE™ is also much more cost-effective than standard lemon, and it retains a much higher aromatic tenacity without the risk of pesticide contamination.

Conventional Oils WHC Botanicals

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