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Peppermint Oil Idaho

Peppermint was originally introduced to the United States during the early 19th century, where it became a hit among mainstream consumers almost immediately. Since then, Idaho peppermint has played an integral role in the herb’s domestic production due to the region’s unique river rally structure. The aroma of peppermint oil is intensely fresh and green, with a grassy and minty top note that eventually dissipates into a clean and sweet dry down. The oil also retains a powerful “cooling” effect that will be familiar to anyone who ever brushed their teeth or chewed a piece of gum.

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Intensely tenacious and cooling, WS-3 is an aromatic chemical that is often added to foods to provide an immediate mentholic and minty top note. The material’s lingering taste retains much of this initial minty flavor, though it develops slightly camphoraceous undertones over time. In terms of aroma, WS-3 is nearly odorless, providing supreme versatility within its various applications.

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