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Galangal Root Oil

Native to the Chinese island of Hainan, Galangal Root Oil has since expanded into many different territories throughout East Asia and Indonesia. The oil’s aroma is fresh and camphoraceous, with a woody and spicy tenacity that blends well with ingredients such as laurel, cardamom, and ginger. However, unlike those oils, galangal retains a unique cineole-like top note, with a flavor that is warm, spicy, and slightly bitter. As such, Galangal Root Oil is often added to spicy-sweet products such as ginger ale, root beer, and other soft drinks.

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Organic Nutmeg Oil

Hugely popular among consumer spice blends and baked goods, Organic Nutmeg Oil is steam-distilled from the young fruits of the Myristica fragrans tree. The oil’s aroma is warm and spicy, with an innate sweetness paired with a strong peppery nuance. This combination of warmth and sweetness has made nutmeg a staple ingredient across a wide spectrum of products, from holiday cookies to tomato ketchups. In perfumery, nutmeg oil is a common inclusion within colognes, aftershaves, and other masculine fragrance blends.

Organic EO

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