Description of Benzyl Benzoate

A faintly sweet aromatic chemical primarily used in flavor and fragrance compositions as a fixative ingredient, Benzyl Benzoate has a floral and somewhat fruity taste, with floral and balsamic undertones. Popular among berry-flavored products, as well as imitation cheese, nuts, and tropical fruits, this chemical sees extensive usage throughout the flavor industry for its taste modification properties. It is also a common addition to heavy floral blends within perfumery, especially those in the realm of floral and Oriental-type fragrances. Whether it’s used as a fixative agent, flavor modifier, or perfume solvent, Benzyl Benzoate has solidified itself as one of the most important aromatic chemicals across a wide variety of industries.

Aroma & Flavor of Benzyl Benzoate

Floral and somewhat fruity, with slightly balsamic undertones. Flavor is highly versatile and blends well with berry, tropical fruit, cheese, and nut ingredients.

Appearance of Benzyl Benzoate

Colorless Liquid







Assay of Benzyl Benzoate


Refractive Index of Benzyl Benzoate

1.5680 - 1.5700 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Benzyl Benzoate

1.1160 - 1.1200 @ 25C

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