Description of Benzyl Benzoate

A faintly sweet aromatic chemical primarily used in flavor and fragrance compositions as a fixative ingredient, Benzyl Benzoate has a floral and somewhat fruity taste, with floral and balsamic undertones. Popular among berry-flavored products, as well as imitation cheese, nuts, and tropical fruits, this chemical sees extensive usage throughout the flavor industry for its taste modification properties. It is also a common addition to heavy floral blends within perfumery, especially those in the realm of floral and Oriental-type fragrances. Whether it’s used as a fixative agent, flavor modifier, or perfume solvent, Benzyl Benzoate has solidified itself as one of the most important aromatic chemicals across a wide variety of industries.

Aroma & Flavor of Benzyl Benzoate

Floral and somewhat fruity, with slightly balsamic undertones. Flavor is highly versatile and blends well with berry, tropical fruit, cheese, and nut ingredients.



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Apr, 23rd

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