Description of Celery Ketone

A pale yellow liquid that enhances herbal, spicy, and green flavors, Celery Ketone is best known for its contribution to increasing “mouth feel” within certain food applications. The fresh aniseed-like taste blends well with tarragon and basil flavorings, making the extract particularly popular among spicy or herbaceous mixtures. In fragrance, Celery Ketone retains a spicy, almost licorice-like aroma, with a slight lovage nuance that blends well with floral ingredients such as jasmine. Whether it's used in flavor or fragrance, Celery Ketone can instantly add a green, celery-like tinge to any composition.

Aroma & Flavor of Celery Ketone

Odor is herbal and spicy, with a strong green nuance. Flavor is reminiscent of licorice and lovage.



Harvest Schedule of Celery Ketone


Apr, 23rd

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