Description of Musk Ketone

A crystalline powder commonly used among artificial musk compositions, Musk Ketone is one of the most frequently used musk ingredients throughout the entire flavor and fragrance industries. The chemical retains a sweet and highly tenacious aroma, with a somewhat warm and “animal-like” nuance. Conversely, its taste is sweet and mild, containing a bitter tinge that makes it best used in small doses. Within perfumery, musk ketones can be used as a fixative ingredient for almost any fragrance type, though it tends to work best alongside other musky, powdery odors. In flavor, the chemical serves as a sweetener for candy and chewing gum, though the quantity of its usage is far less immense when compared to its more popular fragrance applications.

Aroma & Flavor of Musk Ketone

Odor is sweet and tenacious, with a warm and somewhat "animal-like" nuance. Taste is mild and retains the odor's sweetness, though it also contains a bitter tinge.

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Apr, 23rd

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