Description of Nopyl Acetate

Nopyl Acetate is a sweet and fruity aromatic chemical that often retains a unique, woody tinge. The ester is most comparable to linalyl acetate, though its aroma has a distinctive “sugary” nuance that separates the material from its contemporaries. As time goes on, the odor of Nopyl acetate becomes lighter and woodier, with somewhat malty undertones.

Nopyl acetate is a very popular inclusion within fruity fragrances, particularly those designed to emulate cherry or lavender notes. The material also blends well with woody and herbal ingredients such as neroli, valerian root, and juniperberry. Its low cost and high versatility makes it usable in all manner of products, from hand soaps to household cleaners.

Aroma & Flavor of Nopyl Acetate

Aroma is fresh, bright, and fruity; very reminiscent of cherry. Its woody undertones are contrasted by a sugary-sweet, somewhat malty nuance.

Appearance of Nopyl Acetate

Colorless Liquid





Assay of Nopyl Acetate


Refractive Index of Nopyl Acetate

1.4690 - 1.4730 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Nopyl Acetate

0.9770 - 0.9830 @ 25C

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