Description of Terpineol Perfume Grade

An intensely fresh and clean-smelling aromatic chemical only used within the fragrance industry, Terpineol PG imparts a floral and somewhat woody odor reminiscent of lilly or pine. Primarily used for soaps, perfumes, and other high-end cosmetics, this aromatic is mainly comprised of alpha terpineol, making it highly versatile when used alongside other floral or woody fragrances. Terpineol PG is also heavily used for home care and fabric care products due to its tenaciously clean and somewhat citrus-like odor.

Aroma & Flavor of Terpineol Perfume Grade

Floral and woody, with an odor reminiscent of lily and pine. Aroma is clean and somewhat citrus-like, blending exceptional well with other floral ingredients.



Harvest Schedule of Terpineol Perfume Grade


Apr, 23rd

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