Description of Whiskey Lactone

Whiskey Lactone is a chemical constituent responsible for the iconic aroma of alcoholic drinks aged in oak barrels. It is often described as warm and woody, with a creamy and nutty nuance most comparable to coumarin or coconut. In fragrance, Whiskey Lactone has excellent tenacity and blends well with maple or wine-like accords. Its tenacity can also extend the life of warm and sweet materials, which is particularly useful in candles and air fresheners.

The flavor of Whiskey Lactone is similarly woody and warm, exhibiting a strong “toasted” nuance that is quite pleasant. The material is most commonly added to beverages such as alcoholic spirits and liqueurs, though it also finds some use in hard candy and other sweetened food products.

Aroma & Flavor of Whiskey Lactone

Warm and woody, with an alcoholic tinge reminiscent of aged oak barrels. Its creamy, refreshing undertone is somewhat comparable to toasted coconut.

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