Description of Amyris Oil W.I.

Distilled from the intensely scented Amyris plant originating from Haiti, known there as Bois Chandelle, Amyris Oil is renowned for its complex aroma that can be utilized in a wide range of fragrances and cosmetics. Sweet and woody, with an incredibly warm and rich odor, this oil is most commonly used for soaps and beauty products, providing its tenacious balsamic odor for those in need of a long-lasting scent. The oil also maintains a unique vanilla-like character, making it highly popular as a chewing tobacco flavor.

Botanical Name

Amyris balsamifera

Aroma & Flavor of Amyris Oil W.I.

Sweet and balsamic, with an intense woody spice similar to Sandalwood. Strong “burning” scent, with notes of amber and guaiacwood. Its thick consistency contributes fixative properties to fragrances with a profile that aids woody, gourmand, and oriental types.




Dominican Republic


Latest Market Info: Feb, 2021

Prices are stable due to relatively low demand, and production has slowed down over the summer following delays from COVID-19. However, carryover stocks continue to keep the market stable. Political unrest in Haiti and the Dominican Republic may potentially put pressure on future supply.

Harvest Schedule of Amyris Oil W.I.


Mar, 7th

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