Description of Angelica Root Oil

Steam-distilled from the dried roots of the Angelica archangelica plant, Angelica Root Oil is a pale to colorless liquid that retains a peppery, lightly herbaceous odor. Its rich, somewhat earthy qualities make it a popular addition among other musky and spicy fragrances, especially among fragrances that include patchouli, sage, and oakmoss. In flavor applications, this oil is commonly used for specialty liqueurs and citrus blends, though its powerful flavor keeps its usage limited to small quantities.

Botanical Name

Angelica archangelica

Aroma & Flavor of Angelica Root Oil

Peppery and rich, with an herbaceous nuance and woody drydown. Both its odor and taste are powerful and tenacious, retaining their earthy, musk-like undertones for up to 24 hours.


India - France - Germany

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