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Latest Market Info: Sep, 2023

Raw material availability for anise has remained relatively low in recent years due to demand outpacing supply. The autumn harvest of anise in China and Vietnam is scheduled to start soon, though current reports estimate that this harvest will also be small. Prices out of Asia have already started to firm in anticipation of the small harvest.

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Description of Anise Oil Vietnam

Sweet and mild, with an intensely clean odor, Anise Oil, also known as Anise Star and Aniseed, is a highly popular ingredient within the flavor industry for its remarkable likeness to licorice. Heavily used in candy flavorings, this oil provides a rich and powerful taste while simultaneously maintaining a mild profile that does not completely overwhelm other blended ingredients. This makes the oil especially versatile for many different products across the industry, including baked goods, pipe tobacco, and pharmaceuticals.

Aroma & Flavor of Anise Oil Vietnam

Sweet and spicy, with an odor heavily reminiscent of licorice. Aroma and flavor both retain an herbal, moderately sweet nuance.

Botanical Name of Anise Oil Vietnam

Illicium verum

Appearance of Anise Oil Vietnam

Pale Yellow Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Anise Oil Vietnam


Principle Constituents of Anise Oil Vietnam


Refractive Index of Anise Oil Vietnam

1.5530 - 1.5600 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Anise Oil Vietnam

0.9780 - 0.9880 @ 25C

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