Description of Asafoetida Oil

An oil extracted from the resin produced by the Ferula Asafoetida plant, Asafoetida Oil has an incredibly pungent and bitter odor, more commonly used for fixation purposes rather than its actual aroma. When used in low concentrations, this oil can enhance floral and oriental fragrance blends, elevating other material due to its high level of sulfur compounds. Its alliaceous, vegetable-like taste can also find use in certain savory spice blends, meat sauces, and pickling brines.

Botanical Name

Ferula Asafoetida

Aroma & Flavor of Asafoetida Oil

Powerful alliaceous and sulfurous aroma with a sharp, vegetative quality reminiscent of onion. Taste is savory and slightly woody, retaining a somewhat metallic tinge.


Afghanistan - Pakistan

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