Description of Balsam Copaiba Oil

Steam distilled from the gum and resin of the South American Copaifera Officinalis tree, Balsam Copaiba provides a warm and spicy balsamic aroma that is highly unique. It’s fragrant, vanilla-like aromatic profile offers a natural component that works as an excellent alternative to traditional vanilla oil. The creamy, amber odor of this oil has made it a staple in both the pharmaceutical and perfumery industries, as it can be blended with a wide variety of different ingredients to enhance olfactory transitions.

Aroma & Flavor of Balsam Copaiba Oil

Mild and balsamic, with a sweet and spicy woody bouquet. Somewhat peppery and metallic, with similarities to juniper, patchouli, and smoky teas.

Botanical Name of Balsam Copaiba Oil

Copaifera spp

Appearance of Balsam Copaiba Oil

Yellow Amber Liquid





EXTRACTION method of Balsam Copaiba Oil


Refractive Index of Balsam Copaiba Oil

1.4910 - 1.5150 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Balsam Copaiba Oil

0.9100 - 0.9850 @ 25C

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