Description of Balsam Tolu PG

A sweet and balsamic resin extracted from the Myroxylon balsamum plant, Balsam Tolu PG is commonly used as both a base note and a fixative within the fragrance industry. Its amber, somewhat spicy aroma makes it a staple of floral perfumery, especially alongside sweeter ingredients such as honeysuckle and gardenia. The long-lasting odor also contains slightly cinnamic and vanillin-like nuances, making it popular among shampoos and other hair care products.

Botanical Name

Myroxylon balsamum

Aroma & Flavor of Balsam Tolu PG

Sweet and balsamic, with a spicy and somewhat cinnamic fragrance. Odor also contains an amber, slightly fruity tinge that blends well with other sweet and floral ingredients.


Peru - Mexico - Colombia

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