Description of Bay Oil W.I.

Steam-distilled from the incredibly fragrant leaves of the West Indian Bay tree, Bay Oil has an extremely smooth and spicy odor, with a somewhat sweet and balsamic tinge. Also known as Bay Rum and Bay Laurel, this oil has a powdery, slightly green nuance that makes it especially popular among "Masculine" colognes and other fine fragrances. The oil sees less usage in flavor, though it is a common addition to Caribbean-style spice blends intended for rice dishes, teas, and liqueurs.

Aroma & Flavor of Bay Oil W.I.

Spicy and strong, with a smooth and uniquely masculine odor. Also retains a powdery, somewhat creamy and floral nuance.

Appearance of Bay Oil W.I.


Refractive Index of Bay Oil W.I.

1.5070 - 1.5160 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Bay Oil W.I.

0.9500 - 0.9900 @ 25C

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