Description of Blood Orange Oil

Cold-pressed from the peels of the aromatic Citrus × sinensis 'Blood orange' fruit, Blood Orange oil is bursting with vibrant sweetness, even more so than the typical sweet orange varieties. The oil is light and fruity, with a refreshingly tart and aldehydic tinge. Used throughout the flavor and fragrance industry, Blood Orange oil especially popular among high class perfumes and colognes, offering its pulpy citrus aroma to compliment other fruity or floral ingredients. In flavor, this oil is primarily used in drinks and candy, providing a juicy tangerine-like sweetness.

Botanical Name

Citrus × sinensis 'Blood orange'

Aroma & Flavor of Blood Orange Oil

Sweet and juicy, with an incredibly fruity aroma similar to Tangerine. Flavor is fresh and pulpy, with a slightly aldehydic tinge.




Latest Market Info: Feb, 2021

Growers have reported a good blossom despite the previously poor crop season. This is likely due to good rainfall, which has increased the volume of fruits on trees. The harvest, however, has faced certain challenges due to COVID-19 complications. The first few weeks have been slow to start, though this is somewhat expected, and we estimate the upcoming season’s production to closely mirror the 2019 season. Fruit prices continue to remain high due to heavy demand in fresh markets.

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