Description of Cabreuva Oil

Steam-distilled from the sawdust of the Incienso rojo tree, Cabreuva Oil is a native product of the jungles of Brazil and Paraguay. Cabreuva's Oil is fresh and floral, with a herbaceous tinge reminiscent of sandalwood and sweet tea. The oil's consistency lends some fixative properties to fragrances, making it especially popular in soaps and cosmetics. Its complex nuances also naturally lends Cabreuva to high-end floral perfumes such as violent, mimosa, and honeysuckle. In flavor, the oil imparts a powerful fruity richness and works excellently alongside berry oils such as strawberry, raspberry, and plum.

Botanical Name

Myrcarpus Frondosus and M.Fastigiatus wood oil

Aroma & Flavor of Cabreuva Oil

The persistent aroma is floral and rosy, with sandalwood-like facets. Its flavor rich and fruity, often compared to black currant.




Brazil - Paraguay

Harvest Schedule of Cabreuva Oil


Mar, 6th

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