Description of Cabreuva Oil

Cabreuva Oil is steam-distilled from the wood of the Myrocarpus frondosus tree, which grows throughout South America and is renowned for its extreme resilience. As such, the wood of the cabreuva tree is very popular among furniture producers, and much of the essential oils industry surrounding cabreuva is a result of this process. The aroma of cabreuva oil is sweet and woody, with a dry and somewhat floral top note. Much like the tree from which it is derived, cabreuva oil is highly tenacious, allowing the oil to uplift other floral or woody materials.

Aroma & Flavor of Cabreuva Oil

Aroma is sweet, woody, and slightly floral. Its odor is extremely tenacious, retaining a dry and woody pleasantness throughout its drydown.

Botanical Name of Cabreuva Oil

Myrocarpus frondosus and/or m. fastigiatus

Appearance of Cabreuva Oil

Pale Yellow Liquid



EXTRACTION method of Cabreuva Oil

Steam Distilation

Principle Constituents of Cabreuva Oil


Refractive Index of Cabreuva Oil

1.4750 - 1.4950 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Cabreuva Oil

0.8750 - 0.8900 @ 25C

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