Description of Cade Oil Crude

Sometimes referred to as "Juniper Tar" or "Juniper Tar Oil," Cade Oil Crude is steam-distilled from the Juniperus Oxycedrus shrub; a common relative of the juniper tree. Unrectified oil, also known as crude, is not as common within perfumery, though it still retains an intense tar-like phenolic odor. Cade Oil Crude has historically been used throughout Spain, North Africa, and other Mediterranean countries, often used for pharmaceutical and veterinary products. The crude oil is also used in herbaceous soaps and sauces, often accompanying ingredients such as thyme, oregano, and clove.

Aroma & Flavor of Cade Oil Crude

Phenolic and tar-like, with a smoky and somewhat woody nuance. Odor contains a variety of "forest" notes and leather-like bases.

Botanical Name of Cade Oil Crude

Juniperus oxycedrus l.

Appearance of Cade Oil Crude

Dark Brown Viscous Resin



EXTRACTION method of Cade Oil Crude

Steam Distillation

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