Description of Cade Oil Rectified

The rectified material of Cade Oil Crude commonly obtained through either steam-distillation or vacuum distillation, Cade Oil Rectified is an orange-brown oily liquid with a powerful phenolic aroma. Renowned for its tar-like smokiness and dry, woody nuances, this oil is popular among men's fragrances and "forest" style perfumery. Cade Oil Rectified is often paired with ingredients such as oakmoss, clove, and thyme, bringing out additional pine-like nuances from masculine formulations. The oil is also sometimes used in the meat industry, often to impart a smoky flavor for meats, fish, and sauces.

Botanical Name

Juniperus Oxycedrus

Aroma & Flavor of Cade Oil Rectified

Powerful and phenolic, with a smoky and slightly woody nuance. The odor is tar-like and leathery, retaining a warm and dry quality that blends well with other masculine aromas.


Spain - Morocco - France

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