Description of Cedarwood Oil Texas Redistilled

Sharp and woody, Cedarwood Oil Texas Redistilled is less tar-like than its unrefined variant, though it retains the light sweetness typical of cedarwood. The oil’s drydown is clean and woody, with an aroma reminiscent of freshly sharpened pencils. It also retains a fresh and pleasant balsamic-like quality, making it highly versatile in a wide variety of different blends and products.
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Botanical Name

Juniperus mexicana

Aroma & Flavor of Cedarwood Oil Texas Redistilled

Dry, sharp, and woody, with a clean and slightly sweet aroma. Somewhat balsamic, and heavily reminiscent of fresh pencil shavings.




Latest Market Info: Feb, 2021

Texas is in the early stages of recovery; most production plants are temporarily shut down and those still operating are doing so at reduced capacity. Infrastructure issues and power outages continue to roll through the area, making it difficult to estimate when plants will fully recover. We will continue to monitor the state recovery and condition of the production plants as more progress is made.

Harvest Schedule of Cedarwood Oil Texas Redistilled


Apr, 23rd

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