Description of Cedarwood Oil Virginiana

Cedarwood Oil Virginia is used extensively in the United States as a component of both fine fragrance and function perfumery. The oil's aroma is often compared to freshly-sawn wooden planks, exhibiting a sweet, mild, and slightly balsamic top note. It is milder and less viscous than other cedarwood types, making it ideal for use within soap perfumery and fine fragrance. The drydown of Cedarwood Oil Virginia is creamy and woody, with little to no harsh or smoky undertones. Its fixative effects remain quite popular in disinfectants, cleansers, and other industrial or household products.
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Aroma & Flavor of Cedarwood Oil Virginiana

Dry, woody, smooth, and creamy; highly versatile and capable of blending into a wide variety of different ingredients.

Botanical Name of Cedarwood Oil Virginiana

Juniperus virginiana l.

Appearance of Cedarwood Oil Virginiana

Pale Yellow Liquid





EXTRACTION method of Cedarwood Oil Virginiana

Steam Distillation

Physical Properties of Cedarwood Oil Virginiana

Light yellow to pale brown viscous liquid

Refractive Index of Cedarwood Oil Virginiana

1.5000 - 1.5100 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Cedarwood Oil Virginiana

0.9390 - 0.9650 @ 25C

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