Description of Chamomile Oil Roman

Often simply referred to as "Chamomile Oil," Chamomile Oil Roman is steam-distilled from the florets of the Anthemis nobilis plant, which is closely related to the "true Chamomile" mentioned in our page on Chamomile Oil Blue. This oil is cultivated throughout Europe and has a pale blue coloration, with a sweet and herbaceous odor that bears a slight resemblance to tealeaf. Its warm, fruity nuance is incredibly diffusive but not very tenacious when compared to other Chamomile types. This makes it best used as a trace additive within fragrance, adding a fresh and natural depth to ingredients such as bergamot, jasmin, and neroli. Roman Chamomile Oil is also used in a variety of flavor applications, amplifying the fruity character of apple, pear, peach, apricot, mango, and passionfruit profiles.
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Botanical Name

Anthemis nobilis

Aroma & Flavor of Chamomile Oil Roman

Odor is floral and herbaceous, with a somewhat sweet drydown. Aroma is excellent for complimenting and enhancing fruit or citrus ingredients.


Western Europe - Ireland


Latest Market Info: Mar, 2021

Demand remains relatively steady as new crops come in from England and Italy. All indicators point to this harvest being stable.

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