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Latest Market Info: Mar, 2023

Persistent droughts in Morocco have caused Chamomile Wild Maroc to steadily increase in price over the last two years

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Description of Chamomile Oil Wild Maroc

A close botanical relative to "German Chamomile," though very different in terms of both color and odor, Chamomile Oil Wild Maroc, also known as "Wild Moroccan Chamomile," is steam distilled from the florets of the Ormenis multicaulis plant. Cultivated in the wild and produced within many different Mediterranean countries, this oil has a pale yellow-brown coloration and remains a staple of numerous local growing communities. Wild Moroccan Chamomile Oil is fresh and herbaceous, with a slightly camphoraceous nuance that morphs into a citrusy sweet odor upon drydown. Wild Maroc Chamomile is most commonly used within fine fragrance, blended alongside ingredients such as lavender, lavandin, cypress, and artemisia.
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Aroma & Flavor of Chamomile Oil Wild Maroc

Fresh and herbaceous, with a slightly camphoraceous tinge. Odor becomes sweeter and more akin to citrus upon drydown.

Botanical Name of Chamomile Oil Wild Maroc

Ormenis multicaulis

Appearance of Chamomile Oil Wild Maroc

Amber -Brown Liquid





EXTRACTION method of Chamomile Oil Wild Maroc

Steam Distillation

Refractive Index of Chamomile Oil Wild Maroc

1.4730 - 1.4900 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Chamomile Oil Wild Maroc

0.8930 - 0.9200 @ 25C

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