Description of Citronella Oil 85/35 Java

Distilled from the leaves of the Cymbopogon winterianus plant, Citronella Oil 85/35 is a fragrant green oil that imparts a fresh and citrusy sweet aroma. One of the most popular ingredients for both pest repellents and commercial shampoos, this essential oil has a powdery geraniol character that makes it especially appealing as a masking agent, as its pleasant crisp aroma is somewhat reminiscent of a fresh coat of morning dew.
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Aroma & Flavor of Citronella Oil 85/35 Java

Fresh and sweet, with a powdery citrus odor. Also contains fresh green nuances, giving the oil a dewy tomato-like quality.

Botanical Name of Citronella Oil 85/35 Java

Cymbopogon winterianus

Appearance of Citronella Oil 85/35 Java

Pale Yellow Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Citronella Oil 85/35 Java


Refractive Index of Citronella Oil 85/35 Java

1.4660 - 1.4750 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Citronella Oil 85/35 Java

0.8750 - 0.8930 @ 25C

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