Description of Clove Leaf Oil Redistilled

A redistilled variant of the standard clove leaf oil, Clove Leaf Redistilled is sweeter and less harsh than its unrefined counterpart. This essential oil still retains the dry and woody nuances typical of clove leaf, but also carries an odor that is much closer to traditional eugenol than other ingredients of the same quality. This makes it especially popular among pharmaceuticals, as well as perfumes and soaps, as its eugenol similarities provide a particularly phenolic quality.
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Botanical Name

Eugenia caryophyllata

Aroma & Flavor of Clove Leaf Oil Redistilled

Spicy and lightly sweet, heavy reminiscent of eugenol. Odor is somewhat peppery and medicinal, with a light waxy quality.


Indonesia - Madagascar


Latest Market Info: Feb, 2021

Material is currently high in price and growing steadily. Rain continues to be a huge issue throughout the clove-producing regions, and material cannot be properly dried or harvested because of it. Expect prices to rise in accordance with these developments.

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