Description of Clove Stem Oil

Similar to clove leaf oil production, Clove Stem Oil is steam-distilled during the harvesting and maintenance of clove groves. The oil is derived from the sun-dried stems of clove buds, which are often trimmed during clove tree pruning sessions, allowing farmers to keep their crops at a manageable size and reduce the danger of climbing high branches. As such, Clove Stem Oil is one of the most uniform essential oils on the market; the regions in which it is produced requires farmers to destroy all material that is not steam-distilled, making it exceedingly unlikely to undergo any experimental shifts in distillation. The aroma of Clove Stem Oil is strong and spicy, with a pleasantly warm and woody nuance. Its odor is sometimes used in "Oriental" style perfumery, as well as low cost masculine fragrances. In flavor work, the oil is primarily used in savory applications, such as meat sauces, soups, and tobacco flavorings. 

Aroma & Flavor of Clove Stem Oil

Like the leaves and buds, clove stems contain a Eugenol-rich essential oil, providing a warm and spicy aroma. The oil is highly versatile and used across a variety of flavor and fragrance applications.

Botanical Name of Clove Stem Oil

Syzygium aromaticum l.

Appearance of Clove Stem Oil

Amber Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Clove Stem Oil


Principle Constituents of Clove Stem Oil


Refractive Index of Clove Stem Oil

1.5340 - 1.5380 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Clove Stem Oil

1.0480 - 1.0600 @ 25C

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