Description of Cognac Oil White

The white variety of Cognac Oil is produced from wine lees in much the same way as cognac oil green is prepared. Luxurious and fruity, this oil has its origins in the early 20th century, renowned for its unique blend of sparkling aromas. Cognac oil white is sourced from many distilleries across Europe, though the oil itself is produced at our facility in Carteret, New Jersey. The classic dry, estery undertones of white cognac is clearly present here, adding contrast to the strong alcohol-like effervescent top note. Cognac oil white is preferred by perfumers due to its pale color and ease of use.

Aroma & Flavor of Cognac Oil White

Cognac Oil is immediately recognizable by its sparkling ethanolic top note. Red apple skin, melon, and a very wine-like grape note soon follow, giving a rich character to Cognac Oil’s dry down. Cognac’s alcohol note is a must-have in liquor accords, and its fruiter elements add authenticity to fruity profiles at low levels.

Botanical Name of Cognac Oil White

Vitis Vinifera L.

Appearance of Cognac Oil White

Yellow-Amber Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Cognac Oil White

Rectified Essential Oil

Refractive Index of Cognac Oil White

1.4250 -1.4350 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Cognac Oil White

0.8620 - 0.8750 @ 25C

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