Description of Cornmint Oil 50% Dementh. China

A minty oil distilled from the Mentha arvensis plant, Cornmint Oil, also known as “Wild Mint,” is widely regarded for its fresh cooling odor. More cooling and herbaceous than other mint types, this essential oil has a heavily mentholic aroma, making it a popular choice among toothpastes, mouthwashes, and pharmaceuticals. Though it is often mistaken for peppermint, cornmint oil has a unique herbal nuance that imparts a tangy and bittersweet taste

Aroma & Flavor of Cornmint Oil 50% Dementh. China

Minty and heavily mentholic, with a cooling herbaceous effect. Similar to peppermint, but with a fresh and tangy taste.



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Cornmint Oil 50% Dementh. China

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