Description of Cornmint Oil Rectified

An essential oil steam-distilled from the dried herbs of the Mentha Arvensis plant, Cornmint Oil is a popular ingredient among a wide variety of mint products. Also referred to as "Mentha Arvensis Oil," "Peppermint Oil," or "Wild Mint Oil," this ingredient is produced on a massive scale throughout the world, though the vast majority of its production is situated in India. Indian Cornmint Oil 50% has a strong minty and fresh aroma, with a bittersweet nuance and a harsh, woody drydown. Cornmint Oil also produces a powerful cooling effect on both the skin and the mouth, with a fresh and minty flavor that remains popular among many different personal care products. Extensively used throughout the flavor and fragrance industry, Cornmint Oil Indian can be found in everything from toothpaste to peppermint candy.

Aroma & Flavor of Cornmint Oil Rectified

Aroma is strong and minty, with a fresh and slightly bittersweet nuance. The flavor of this oil carries powerful cooling properties, providing a green and herbaceous taste.

Appearance of Cornmint Oil Rectified


Refractive Index of Cornmint Oil Rectified

1.4500 - 1.4650 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Cornmint Oil Rectified

0.8600 - 0.9200 @ 25C

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