Description of Cubeb Oil

Steam-distilled from the unripe dried and crushed fruits of the Peper Cubeba vine, Cubeb Oil is a product native to Indonesia, where it is often grown alongside black pepper, coffee, and cocoa. The oil is widely used across Europe and the USA, most commonly added to soaps and peppery fragrances. Its aroma is dry and woody, with a warm and slightly bitter nuance most reminiscent of black pepper oil. As such, Cubeb Oil blends well with many other woody or peppery perfume bases, including cinnamic alcohol, clove stem oil, and coumarin. While Cubeb isn't used much in flavor applications, it still retains certain niche functionalities within specialty alcohols and spice blends, imparting a warm and bitter taste.

Aroma & Flavor of Cubeb Oil

Aroma is extremely dry and woody, with a warm and camphoraceous nuance. Its drydown is spicy and peppery. In flavor, the oil is warm but bitter, lacking the tenacity of similar pepper-like oils.

Appearance of Cubeb Oil


Refractive Index of Cubeb Oil

1.4920 - 1.5020 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Cubeb Oil

0.8980 - 0.9280 @ 25C

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