Description of Fir Balsam Absolute

An incredibly fragrant extract derived from the needle-like leaves of the Abies balsamea tree, Fir Balsam Absolute is a thick and viscous liquid rich in aromatic depth and complexity. Most commonly used in fine fragrance blends, this absolute carries a distinctive "winter pine tree" odor, pairing well with other woody or spruce-like ingredients. Balsam Fir Absolute is especially strong when used in trace amounts, providing perfumes with a fresh and natural smelling topnote.

Aroma & Flavor of Fir Balsam Absolute

Aroma is rich and sweet, with a warm and intensely balsamic nuance. Odor is often compared to traditional "Christmas tree smell," mainly due to the absolute's fresh and natural-smelling forest notes.

Botanical Name of Fir Balsam Absolute

Abies balsamea





EXTRACTION method of Fir Balsam Absolute


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