Description of Garlic Oil Mexican

A cost-effective synthetic alternative to commercial garlic oil, Garlic Oil Mexico imparts an intensely alliaceous odor, as well the classic "dried garlic" flavor of its natural counterparts. The material is primarily used for culinary applications, as garlic oil's powerful flavor works well alongside meats, vegetables, and other savory dishes. Garlic Oil Mexico also retains the pungent, sulphide-like odor emblematic of natural garlic oils.

Aroma & Flavor of Garlic Oil Mexican

Intensely pungent odor, heavily reminiscent of crushed garlic. Flavor is far more akin to roasted or dried garlic, rather than its freshly crushed counterpart.

Botanical Name of Garlic Oil Mexican

Allium sativum l.

Appearance of Garlic Oil Mexican

Yellow Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Garlic Oil Mexican


Principle Constituents of Garlic Oil Mexican

Diallyl Disulfide

Refractive Index of Garlic Oil Mexican

1.5500 - 1.5800 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Garlic Oil Mexican

1.0500 - 1.9500 @ 25C

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