Description of Ginger Oil Indian

Steam-distilled from the dried, unpeeled, freshly ground rhizomes of the Zingiber officinale plant, Ginger Oil Indian is derived from one of the most commonly cultivated spices in the world, utilized across a wide range of markets and manufacturers. Heavily used in both flavor and fragrance, this oil instantly provides a warm, fresh and woody odor, with a spicy nuance that unravels into a somewhat citrusy drydown. Bold and tenacious, Ginger Oil Indian is extremely rich in its flavor profile, making it a common addition to baked goods and spice blends. Its sweet and spicy odor also makes it a popular addition to Oriental-style perfumes, blending well with citrus ingredients such as sweet orange, lime, and bergamot.

Botanical Name

Zingiber officinale

Aroma & Flavor of Ginger Oil Indian

Warm and fresh, with spicy and woody odor that is instantly recognizable. Extremely tenacious in both odor and flavor, with an intense richness and sweet and spicy flavor.




Latest Market Info: Jan, 2021

Demand for fresh ginger and ginger powder has risen significantly due to COVID-19, primarily due to the widespread belief among consumers that it provides immunity boosting qualities. The most popular method of using ginger for this purpose is through ginger tea.

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