MARKET INFO of Grapefruit Oil Pink C.P. (0.2% Noot)

Latest Market Info: Mar, 2023

EU Grapefruit production is expected to increase this year, rising to 107,000 metric tons for the 2022 season. This increase is mainly due to an expansion of planting area in Spain; the nation is the EU’s largest grapefruit producer and a major exporter of citrus. European consumption of grapefruit has declined in the 2022 season due to rising consumer prices.

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Description of Grapefruit Oil Pink C.P. (0.2% Noot)

A popular essential oil extracted from the peels of the Citrus x paradisi fruit (pink varieties), Grapefruit Oil maintains widespread usage throughout the flavor and fragrance industry. Crisp and tangy, the flavor of this oil is particularly well-suited to sour or citrusy blends, often added to soft drinks, fruit juices, and other canned fruit products. Pink grapefruit oil's sweet and dry top note eventually transitions into citric, somewhat bitter undertones, creating a unique bouquet of bright, floral, aldehydic notes. In fragrance, pink grapefruit is most commonly added to other citrus ingredients such as lemon, sweet orange, and bitter orange, providing complexity through its high Nootkatone content.

Aroma & Flavor of Grapefruit Oil Pink C.P. (0.2% Noot)

Aroma is sweet and dry, with a bitter and somewhat aldehydic nuance. The oil's flavor is crisp and tangy, reminiscent of similar citrus oils such as lemon and sweet orange, though with a complex bittersweet tinge.

Botanical Name of Grapefruit Oil Pink C.P. (0.2% Noot)

Citrus paradisi

Appearance of Grapefruit Oil Pink C.P. (0.2% Noot)

Orange Liquuid







EXTRACTION method of Grapefruit Oil Pink C.P. (0.2% Noot)

Cold Expression

Physical Properties of Grapefruit Oil Pink C.P. (0.2% Noot)

Yellowish to reddish liquid

Principle Constituents of Grapefruit Oil Pink C.P. (0.2% Noot)


Refractive Index of Grapefruit Oil Pink C.P. (0.2% Noot)

1.4750 - 1.4870 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Grapefruit Oil Pink C.P. (0.2% Noot)

0.8480 - 0.8560 @ 25C

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