Description of Grapefruit Oil Pink

An extremely popular essential oil renowned for its crisp and tangy flavor, Grapefruit Oil Pink has a sweet and dry flavor which is highly popular among canned fruits, juices, and soft drinks. The citric, somewhat bitter undertones of its aroma compliment other fruity and tropical ingredients extremely well, allowing the oil to enhance aldehydic nuances. This unique blend of sweet, dry, and terpenic notes combine to give this oil immense versatility for both fragrance and flavor applications.

Botanical Name

Citrus paradisi

Aroma & Flavor of Grapefruit Oil Pink

Sweet and dry, with a crisp and tangy taste reminiscent of other citrus fruits. Also contains a somewhat bitter, aldehydic nuance.




Cold Pressed

Physical Properties

Yellowish to reddish liquid

Principle Constituents





Mexico - Argentina


Citrus Paradisi Peel Oil


Latest Market Info: Mar, 2021

The Winter Freeze experienced last month has affected all crop production within Texas, especially in the regions where white and pink grapefruits are grown. Fortunately, 80% of the grapefruit crop had already been collected before the freeze occurred, though due to the decrease in crop size reported earlier this year, the freeze will still affect the market for fresh material. Prices remain firm. There is also growing incentive within Texas for farmers to export their fresh material as part of a 4 month tariff extension granted and published on March 5th, 2021 between the EU and the USA. These tariffs are related to the WTO (World Trade Organization” aircraft disputes.

Harvest Schedule of Grapefruit Oil Pink


Apr, 23rd

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