Description of Green Patchouli Absolute

A thick and viscous material extracted from the concentrated leaves and herbs of the Pogostemon cablin herb, Green Patchouli Absolute has an incredibly rich and herbaceous aroma. Its odor is fruity and slightly earthy, with a similar spicy-balsamic nuance typical of patchouli products. Extensively used throughout the fragrance industry within woody and powdery perfumes, Green Patchouli Absolute is often included alongside ingredients such as vetiver, sandalwood, and oakmoss. The product also serves as an excellent masking agent among fruity and citrusy fragrances, especially those with sweeter “Oriental” style aromatic profiles.

Aroma & Flavor of Green Patchouli Absolute

Rich and herbaceous, with a spicy balsamic odor and fruity nuance

Botanical Name of Green Patchouli Absolute

Pogostemon cablin

Regions where Green Patchouli Absolute can be found

China - Indonesia

Harvest Schedule of Green Patchouli Absolute


Jun, 24th

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