Description of Gurjon Balsam Oil

Despite its name, Gurjun Balsam is actually a naturally-occurring oleoresin, not a balsam; the material is only produced by the tree after it has been lacerated or naturally damaged in some way. Gurjun Balsam oil is steam-distilled from this material, providing a cost-effective alternative to other balsam products, albeit with a much milder aroma. Despite this, Gurjun Balsam oil still carries an intense likeness to copaiba balsam, with a sweet and woody odor that retains a piney, balsamic dry down. The oil's aroma is extremely tenacious as well, capable of maintaining its uniformity across many different applications. This makes Gurjun Balsam a versatile component of soap perfumes, masking agents, and certain oriental fragrances.

Aroma & Flavor of Gurjon Balsam Oil

Aroma is mild but tenacious, carrying a sweet, woody, and somewhat balsamic top note. Its dry down retains a uniform woody note, with intense fixative properties.

Botanical Name of Gurjon Balsam Oil

Dipterocarpus spp.

Appearance of Gurjon Balsam Oil

Pale Yellow Liquid





EXTRACTION method of Gurjon Balsam Oil


Refractive Index of Gurjon Balsam Oil

1.4900 - 1.5050 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Gurjon Balsam Oil

0.9000 - 0.9350 @ 25C

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