Description of Lavandin Abrialis

A hybrid of mountain-growing lavender and lowland “spike” lavender, Lavandin combines the traits of both flowers, making the plant much easier to cultivate and harvest when compared to more traditional lavender types. The flowers of lavandin are hardy and disease resistant, retaining the same delicate color and aroma of lavender. The Abrialis variety of lavandin is not as durable as Grosso, though the aroma is generally considered to be softer and more floral. Similar to all lavandins, Abrialis finds a variety of uses in perfumery, especially among personal care products.

Aroma & Flavor of Lavandin Abrialis

Aroma is floral, soft, and herbaceous, with a refreshing top note that smells strongly of linalool. Its dry down is rich and woody, becoming more herbaceous over time.

Botanical Name of Lavandin Abrialis

Lavandula officinalis x lavandula latifolia

Appearance of Lavandin Abrialis

Near Colorless Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Lavandin Abrialis


Refractive Index of Lavandin Abrialis

1.4600 - 1.4640 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Lavandin Abrialis

0.8850 - 1.8950 @ 25C

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